Paris, France

This piece is a narrative on blood and several examples in which it plays a roll in human existence. The images are derived from a liberal use (at times phonetic and symbolic) of anagrams of the word "blood".

We find:
"BLOOD" (reversed).
"OLO" as in "halo" in the crown of the human figure.
"0" at the base and "00" or "infinity" at the top of a ziggurat and head of the figure.
"BO BO BO" over the heart of the figure.
"LOOB" as in "lube" in the veins of the figure - blood as a lubricant in the body and for the mechanisms of power.
"DOB" as in "ça dobe", Parisian slang for "that stinks/smells" (decay) or otherwise "dope" (intoxicants).
"BLOO" as in blue bloods.
"O2" as in oxygen.
"DOBL" as in double helix (DNA) in the "ancestral serpent" (left).
"BOO LOBO" (reversed) out of the mouth of The Lamb.
"BOD" in an apparent stack of bodies at once representing the natural course of human generations and war (ritual sacrifice).
"OLDOOL" as in "old duel" in reference to Cain ("haine", fr. - hate) and Abel (able).
There is also an image of a child in-utero (of course!).
Perhaps "BB" would do here.

BLOOD (detail)
BLOOD (detail)

Acrylic, spray enamel and oilstick on canvas
63"w x 64"h 1.5"d (cm 160 x 162 x 3.8)